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Liver Gallbladder Detox

Enjoying Nature
Healthy Salad

Lose 6lbs in 7 Days

About this Detox

I started doing this detox on myself and with clients back in 2013.


I immediately felt relief from the neck and shoulder aches and pains that I was having.   I started adding it on as an optional orientation week detox with our 30-Day Detox program and noticed each time, I felt better and better and participants did too. 


Fast forward to the past 2 years, I started adding it as a preliminary exercise of my one-on-one coaching for clients and patients and noticed on our follow-up visits, person after person reported experiencing 6 lb weight loss, better energy, better sleep, better elimination, reduced cravings, better confidence in their ability to meal plan, prep and eat healthy without having to follow a set menu or depriving themselves of every delicious food or social pleasure like a holiday treat, cocktail or glass of wine with friends. They still got weight loss. 


What's more is that many people, including myself, found that healthier foods and habits were sustained after the 7 days ended.

This is life-changing!   


As a result, we invite EVERYONE to join us at least quarterly to experience this FREE detox.  Yes, we offer it as a FREE program so you too can experience the joys of feeling great affordably! 

Let’s DETOX Together

Sign up to join us on our Next Detox. We do them at least once a quarter. 

Telephone : 202-390-4938

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