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For Fitness Centers: Nutrition Services

Let Us Support Your Fitness Center

"We take the guess work out of designing an effective nutrition program, tailored to meet your facilities specific needs."  
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Bear Nutrition & Herbs offers Fitness Centers a variety of nutrition services to fit every organization's and  individual’s needs.

We take the guess work out of designing an effective nutrition program, tailored to meet your facilities specific needs.


"The other half of what

is needed to achieve fitness and weight goals is dependent on nutrition."  

We can provide consultation services or full administrative services of your facilities nutrition program.


Services include but are not limited to weight management (loss, maintenance or gain), sports nutrition, sports performance,  management of diet-related health conditions, or simply learning basic nutrition principles

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Njeri Kai Jarvis,


to learn more about how we can support your facility



What Nutrition Services Will Do for your Facility

  • Add value to your facility's current program offerings and increase ROI

  • We help your clients identify their goals and determine the best way to get there

  • We give your members the individualized education needed to make achieving their fitness and weight loss goals a reality

  • improved member results, retention and referrals

  • creates a community that sees result

  • creates an additional stream of income

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We Provide 


  • Consultation on how to build a Nutrition Program  that you can then administer or


  • Comprehensive Nutrition Programming that is administered by Bear Nutrition & Herbs that offers:

    • one on one member consultation with follow up education in the form of per diem consultations or as packages

    • We can provide monthly group classes and education around topics such as:

      • Workout nutrition

      • Boosting immunity

      • Supporting Exercise Recovery

      • Anti-inflammatory 

      • Grocery shopping tours

      • Farmers market tours

      • Organic Urban Farming tours

      • Cooking classes / demonstrations

      • Issues specific to your facilities needs


  • We specialize in offering and administering the BNH - 30 Day Comprehensive Detox.  This can be conducted as a package for groups or as an individual add on service 

About Our Nutritionist

Out Nutritionist is

  • Board Certified Registered Dietitian, with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and Dietetics and  20 years of clinical nutrition experience

    • was the former Wellness Nutritionist for the Kirov Academy of Ballet DC​

    • is the current Nutritionist for the Natural Care Center at Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • Holds a Master of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine with a focus on product design

    • has a keen awareness of good manufacturing practices and 

    • ability to curate quality supplements for optimum efficacy  ​

  • Certified Food Manager

  • Additional training in sustainable agriculture and food systems​

    • Member of the Ward 5 Community Garden with contacts in the local organic farming community

Our Nutritionist follows a Functional / Integrative approach to nutrition management and meal preparation. This allows us to provide programs specifically designed to address each members own biophysical make up. Delivering results in a timely manner. 

Core Fitness
Fitness Class
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Our System

We use a HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System that allows for Virtual Consultations on a HIPAA compliant platform.

"We offer in person consultations as well as Virtual Consultations, allowing for member flexibility."

Your members will be able to access their information on our portal and can provide secured delivery of lab work and follow up information that can also be integrated with their medical provider if needed. 

Your Members will have access to recipes and educational materials via our portal and website.  We can provide content specific to meet your center's needs. 

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