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Our Self Pay Options


DRIS - Complete Health Transformation Program

This Comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Program Can Be Done as a
16, 8 or 4 Session Program

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Economy - One Time Visits

Working Mom

Nutrition Visit 
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Friendly Young Doctor

Lab Review
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Herbal Medicine

Supplement Recommendation
Learn More


Choose an Add On Monthly Subscription Below to Maintain & Optimize Your Progress

We can provide you with an itemized Super Bill that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement
You can use your HSA and FSA accounts. Learn More

ADD ON - Monthly Subscriptions

These can be accessed if you have completed an economy one on one visit

Sharing a Meal

Monthly Meal Plan
Learn More


Practicing Yoga

Monthly Meal Plan with Exercise 
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Diet Salad

Monthly Meal Plan, Exercise & 30 min quarterly Dietitian Coaching - Learn More


With Exercise Program

STAND ALONE - Monthly Subscriptions

Meal in One Plate

Monthly Meal Plan
Stand Alone Plan 


Eating Time

Monthly Meal Plan with Exercise - Stand Alone


Eating Time

Weight Loss In a Box -Learn More


Detox Groups & Kits

Healthy Woman

30 Day Detox Group 


Friends Eating Dinner

14 Day Mini Detox Group 



Detox Box Tea
Weight Loss Kit


Coming 2023

Get on the Waiting List Now

Join us for this refreshing 30 day reset.

This is our Flag Ship Group Program.

Past Participants on average have lost 8 - 16lbs

and 1-2 dress/pant sizes from doing this detox 

The participants with the most weight loss and best participation will be entered into a raffle for a

$150.00 Gift Card or Cash!

1 Day Nutrition Classes


Immunity Class
Limited Seating 

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6 - 7:00 pm EST



10 Steps to a Healthier You! Class
Limited Seating

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6 - 7:00 pm EST


Sleep App

Sleep with Nutrition
Limited Seating

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6 - 7:00 pm EST


We Take Insurance

Our Insurance Pay Options

I Am Using Insurance

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

6 Visit Comprehensive Preventive Care Program 

Friendly Young Doctor

6 Visit Comprehensive Preventive Care Program 

Nurse with Protective Mask

Anthem BCBS
& Carefirst Regional

Check Your Nutrition Coverage Using Our Guide

6 Visit Comprehensive Preventive Care Program 

More On Insurance

Why Do I Need to Verify My Insurance

I ask all clients to verify insurance coverage with your insurance company, even if I am a network provider. Coverage depends on your specific plan, not my status as a network provider. For example, I am a network provider with Cigna, but that company typically writes insurance plans that only cover 3 sessions in your lifetime, unless you are diagnosed with an eating disorder by a licensed physician or therapist. Other companies write such a variety of coverage allowances or limits for nutrition, that I cannot determine a client’s exact coverage.

What if my network insurance does not cover all of your nutrition services?

Clients are responsible for understanding the details of their coverage and paying for non-covered services and fees. Even if I am a network provider with your insurance company, your plan may limit coverage. If your network insurance plan does not cover a session, then you are responsible for paying the discounted, contracted rate, not my usual session rates. This is a benefit to you, negotiated by your insurance company, despite any variation in your plan’s coverage.

What happens if you do not accept my insurance?

I also accept clients with out-of-network health insurance plans (Aetna, United HealthCare, etc). For those clients, payment is required at the time of service. Some of these clients have received reimbursement for a portion of paid fees.


After our sessions, you will receive receipt for your invoice paid, and a Superbill receipt that will allow you to submit for reimbursements from your insurance provider. Depending on your plan, you may need to submit both receipts in order to request reimbursement.

Do you accept Flex Spending (FSA) or Health Savings (HSA) Accounts?

Yes, but please contact your plan provider first in order to learn about your plan rules and requirements before scheduling.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

  • Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Card

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Card

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