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Lab Testing

Testing to determine the cause of your stomach pain or reactivity to foods, supplements and personal care items can be the difference between suffering through your symptoms and determining and addressing the root cause/s and improving your health but most importantly, how you feel. 

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Explore Our Foundational Labs


Exelent for assessing gut function and issues with gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and increasing sensitivities to foods and supplements

Organic Acids TestING

Great for assessing nutrient status and unlocking clues to chronic conditions long before they show up on your annual serum lab panels from your PCP

Metabolic Hormonal Test for Weight Loss

This Test is ideal for supporting weight loss especially for folks who have tired everything but the plateau remains. Weight loss is determined by many things but most importantly, hormonal balance. 

This is a comprehensive food allergy test. This is a great tool for those with increasing food sensitivities that are not improving with base line protocols.

Nutrient Analysis

This Micronutrient test provides insight into how nutrients are working at the cellular level. We can uncover deficiencies and needs far beyond just the labs that are in this test.

Telomere Test

The Telomere Length Test measures the average length of a patient's telomeres. Analyzing telomere length may be the key to understanding and preventing a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, and neurological conditions.

Genetic SNPS

The Genetic Markers Panel measures four genes to analyze a patient's risk of cardiovascular and thromboembolic diseases. There is a whole blood version of the test. It can also be ordered as a blood spot test

Optimal Lab Review

It is recommended that we monitor our labs annually to get on track and stay on track with our health. We provide an optimal lab review of any labs you already completed with your Primary Care Physician (PCP)


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Group Program where we utilize many of these labs in our 3 month Comprehensive Healing Program

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