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Weight Loss Program

Sip Yourself Slim

Fit Woman with Yoga Mat

Don’t let ANOTHER New Year's Season pass you by!

Join the
SLIM SLIM revolution.

Sip Yourself Slim using this blend of key herbs that improve digestion, boost circulation and optimize metabolism. 

No covering up at the beach or anywhere else this year!!!

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In this program you will get 

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If you want to start dropping pounds and inches in time for the summer,


you’ll want to get your cravings under control and Boost Metabolism with our


tea program 

Resting After Workout

This SLIM SLIM program is an easy, healthy, delicious way to get the weight loss results you've been looking for without the hassle.

Meals & Recipes

Shopping Lists and Weekly Check-ins to Stay on Track

Get meals specifically designed for optimum macro intake of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates that along with our exercise program provides maximum fat loss and lean muscle rebuilding for a beautiful fit physique. 

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Practicing Yoga

Daily Exercise

From the Comfort of Your Home

Get your daily exercise routines dripped out to you each day for a balanced program of

  • Resistance Training

  • Cardio Fun 

  • Stretching

  • Balance

For a well rounded body that is not just strong but flexible, resilient and beautiful!


Why go it alone when you can get support from like minded individuals. 

Join weekly 15min - 30 min check-ins to weigh, measure, share, to get and stay motivated to meet your weight loss goals. 

Fitness Group

This Program is  

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After Workout

Groups are forming now for our Next Start Date:

  • 28 Day Start Date:

    • February 25, 2024

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Invest In
Yourself Today

Start Your Health Journey by Signing Up Today 

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Groups are forming now for our Next Start Date:

  • 28-Day Start Date:

    • February 22, 2024

Hear What Participants Are Saying

Young Man

Rahn Jackson

Hi Njeri,

I have been able to maintain my weight loss still at 12 pounds. I’ve been feeling much better also and not needing the prescriptions for arthritis. Thanks again for helping me reset my system! Have a great Thanksgiving, and please send my regards to everyone.




Rahn's Actual Weight
Loss Tracker & Email 

Hi Njeri,



I need some more slim slim tea. Should I just order off of the website? Been on vacation for the past five days and still maintaining( Think this is the first time I weighed myself while on vacation) eating twice a day with no cravings. I have had a couple cocktails or two but hey it’s vacation! Hope you had fun in Miami! 





Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 08.58.30.png

Rahn's Actual Weight
Loss Tracker

Ongoing Weight Loss Progression while on the SLIM SLIM Program 

Kamille Lost 12 lbs 

Rahn Lost 12 lbs & got off
his arthritis medications 

Rebecca Lost 10 lbs,
reduced sugar and snacking 

Danisha Loved the menus, Recipes, Exercises and Tools in the Program

Janet Lost 6 lbs, Gained Muscle,
& Learned a lot about Health 

Nickele Lost 15 lbs, Gained Energy & Improved Sleep 

Nicci improved elimination  

Katina Lost 10 lbs
& Loves the Taste of

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I Don't Want to Join the Group. 
I Want to do the Program
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Enjoying Lunch

Purchase the
Self Guided Program

Don't want to wait for the next group program to form but want to start sipping yourself slim and

lose 10 - 15 lbs in the next 30 days

without dieting, while making healthy

lifestyle changes that get results?

Then get the SLIM SLIM Tea Self-Serve Program


       What You will get:

  • All the great programming and education of the group program

  • The 30-day SLIM SLIM TEA menu

  • Daily recipes sent directly to your email

  • Daily Exercise programming sent directly to your email

  • 30 Day Supply of SLIM SLIM TEA sent to your home


Now Only $98.00

I Only Want to Purchase the Tea!

Just Want the Tea?

Don't want to join the group program?


You can still get results by using our SLIM SLIM tea. Purchase a bag today! 

Many people do the program and continue the daily tea thereafter to maintain their weight loss and health results


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