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In my Mother's Garden at my Parent's home in Washington, DC.  My mother was my first teacher about  good nutrition and herbs.  She is a master healthy cook and as you can see a master gardener, among other phenomenal things.  I watched my mother cultivate and live a healthy lifestyle that she naturally incorporated into my and my siblings lives.  What a blessing !



Njeri Kai Jarvis MS/RD/LDN owns Bear Nutrition and Herbs, an integrative nutrition and wellness practice located in Washington, DC. Her nutrition practice covers a wide range of health issues from body composition, cardiac, endocrine  and kidney imbalances to cancer and autoimmunity. She also specializes in food-sensitivity issues as they relate to ADHD, autism, mood regulation, and chronic health conditions.

Ms. Jarvis uses a variety of functional testing methods to look for wellness potential as well as underlying imbalances upon which to target diet and nutritional programs. She uses this testing along with an extensive health assessment to develop individualized nutrition and lifestyle programs. Her desire is that her clients realize their health potential as they create lives devoted to healthy eating and healthy living.

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Njeri has a Masters in Herbal Medicine and  is a board-certified, licensed dietician with over 19 years clinical practice experience with additional study and specialization for ADHD / Autism Spectrum Disorders and Functional Nutrition.  She utilizes best practices for digestion, absorption, food sensitivities, inflammation and immunity support. Njeri also works to improve outcomes in this area by working with people on improving sleep hygiene through lifestyle and nutritional support.  Contact her to find out how she can support you in your journey to better health!



BNH, short for "Bear Nutrition and Herbs" was founded by Njeri Kai Jarvis MS, RD, LDN to  provide Education, Services and Resources in Nutrition Management and Herbal Medicine.
We help you turn tradition and science into healthy practices that develop and support your wellness needs and goals.  

We provide ​services specific to your needs, whether you need more structure with a one on one assessment and meal plan with weekly follow up or self serve educational handouts that can be accessed and utilized independently from this web site. 
We specialize in group services and presentations for families, schools, churches, clubs and organizations via classes, forums and food demonstrations.

We also create and develop Herbal Products for the general public, as well as specialty products tailored to address the specific needs of the individual. 
We offer recommendations for resources from trusted manufacturers that we know and love.

Our Visits are Virtual Only due to COVID19

Njeri Kai Jarvis, MS, RD/LDN

  • Master of Science - Therapeutic Herbalism with an Area of Concentration on Product Design - 2018 - Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • Bachelor of Science - Nutrition & Dietetics - 1999 - Howard University

  • Graduate Certificate - Medical Herbalism Clinical Practice - 2011 - TaiSophia (Now Maryland University of Integrative Health)

  • Graduate Coursework Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems -  2014 - Tufts University

  • Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist in

    • Washington, DC

    • Maryland

    • Pennsylvania

    • Delaware

    • Georgia

    • South Carolina

    • New Jersey

    • California

    • Virginia

  • Medical Herbalist and Herbal Product Maker 2018 - Present

  • Interned with American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) - (2018)

  • Interned with Maryland University of Integrative Health's (MUIH) Herbal Dispensary - (2018)

  • Renal Dietitian  - 2002 - present

  • Former Nutritionist / RD  for The Kirov Academy of Ballet DC 

  • Former Nutritionist / RD for Adventist Home Health 

  • Former Nutritionist / RD for The Natural Care Center at Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • Board Member - District of Columbia's Board of Dietetics and Nutrition 2019 - Present

  • Volunteer with the United States Botanic Gardens - Medicinal Herbs Exhibit (2018)

  • Volunteer with USDA's National Arboretum's Children's Garden (2018)

  • Functional Nutrition Training (This is ongoing and Life Long):

    • Maryland University of Integrative Health​

      • Dr. Gerard Mullens​

      • James Snow

      • Paul Pitchford

    • Dr. Kharrazian and The Kharrazian Institute​

    • Dr. Wahls

    • Dr. Amy Myers

    • Dr. Ruscio

    • Duncan Capicchiano N.D

    • Fiona Chin N.D

    • Institute for Functional Medicine Tools

  • Business Consultant and Coach specializing in Building Profitable Functional Nutrition Private Practices 2021 - Present

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