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Diabetic Wellness and other Endocrine Disorders 

Cinnamon Sticks

Better Diabetes Management is always possible. 


Diabetes Resolution is as well, depending on where you are within the disease process and your type of Diabetes.


Within both of these two extremes is preventing permanent vascular damage that can increase the odds of developing other chronic conditions such as kidney disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

In my 18 year practice, I have found that simple small changes deliver HUGE improvements in glucose control.   Give me a week. Together, we will change your life for the better. 

Click on the Link to Download a Free Diabetes Guide BNH did for Metro Renal and Associates Nephrology Group's Food Demonstration.

Cinnamon : a strategic Herbal ally in Diabetes Management 

Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver 

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Download the Free Quick Tips Guide to addressing issues with fatty liver.  Its causes and solutions are not what your may think.

Reach out to me for questions or concerns or to schedule a consult for deeper diet personalization.

Njeri Kai Jarvis 


you can also book an appointment with me at

Maryland University of Integrative Health's

Natural Care Center 

410-888-9048 ext. 6614

or email

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