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The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of ever changing information, isolation, sadness, joy and now hope. The Vaccine is here!  This emotional roller coster is enough to make us all dizzy and frankly not feel our optimum selves.


The reality is that Published evidence on COVID 19 is minimal since it is so new. As a result, our goal at BNH is to stay as up to date as possible with the research out there. We are constantly studying and collaborating with key players in the functional medicine world who are looking at promoting the immune system and the nutrients and how they affect the immune system as a means of effective COVID support and now Vaccine Preparation Support.


This eBook was designed for our 1 Day Course (held February 13, 2021)  to help you learn what's valid, effective and safe. For the immune system in the age of COVID. Please Share what you learn with others.


We are offering it here for Just $15.00


Be sure to check out our upcoming Classes for March and May: 10 Steps to a Healthier You and Improving Sleep with Nutrition 


And feel free to Schedule a FREE Strategy Session so we can learn how to best support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. 

eBook (1 Day Class): Building Blocks for a Strong Immune System

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