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Are you Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

by NOT doing this Simple 5- Minute Daily Activity

When stress hormones rise and stay high for a long time, the research shows they are strongly related to abdominal obesity, “belly fat” and specific mental disorders.

And, in certain people, stress may play a major role in their weight gain and inability to lose weight

Consider that stress does the following:

  1. interferes with cognitive processes, executive function, and self-regulation

  2. can affect behavior by inducing overeating and consumption of foods that are high in calories, fat, or sugar by decreasing physical activity capacity and shortening / interfering with sleep

  3. triggers physiological changes in the adrenal glands; reward processing in the brain; the gut microbiome.

  4. stimulate the production of biochemical hormones and peptides such as

  • Leptin - helps maintain a normal weight, regulates hunger allowing us to feel full

  • Ghrelin - the hunger hormone that signals our brain to eat; increases appetite

  • Neuropeptide Y- elevating - NPY activity increases food intake.

Supporting our body’s ability to handle stress is REALLY important if we want to get in shape, lose weight and be healthier.

Doing this Activity 5 minutes daily could be a game-changer for supporting long-term weight loss…. click below to learn more...


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