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Start Setting Yourself Up for Health and Wellness Success:

Let's End 2022 on a High Note and Welcome in the New Year with a new Gusto and Focus on Healthy Living.

When you find a health goal difficult to achieve, remind yourself that it can take practice, self-confidence, and time. Breaking down your health goal into small, simple steps can help you build the skills and confidence you need to be successful.

Identifying the barriers to changing habits and reflecting on how to cope with these barriers is a powerful way to improve your ability to start and maintain healthy behaviors. It’s important to identify which barriers may most affect you and outline the steps you will take to cope with your barriers. Common barriers people face include:

  • Environmental and access barriers (e.g., distance, facilities, resources)

  • Cost

  • Firmly established habits or thoughts about a behavior

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lack of time (e.g., due to life responsibilities)

  • Lack of motivation

  • Lack of social support

  • Lack of enjoyment or interest

Identify potential barriers that may temporarily or permanently prevent you from achieving your health goals and the steps you will take to overcome each barrier.

Consider enlisting the help of friends, family or professional service providers, like a therapist, coach or other healthcare practitioners.

Identifying the factors that impact behavior and reflecting on their effects can be a powerful way to improve your ability to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Understanding both positive and negative factors can help you introduce and maintain healthy behaviors and habits long-term.

Download our Guide: "Strategies, Reflections, Coping Plan" to help you craft a health and wellness plan you can stick to this season.

BNH Wellness - Health and Wellness Success (Strategies, Reflections, Coping Plan)
Download PDF • 14.65MB


to help you create your action steps for the season


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