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Support Your Immune System through this Winter Season

There are so many ways to get sick this season. I want to make sure that BNH Wellness supports you in understanding the many ways you can remain healthy, resist illness or better manage an illness if it does arise.

We put together this Nutrient, Herbal Supplement Protocol from recommendations made by Dr. Yanuck DC.

This protocol is helpful for anyone struggling with

  • Flu / Enfluenza


  • RSV

  • Viral infections

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Autoimmunity

There are additional herbal supports that can be added to help with yeast, bacteria and parasites. We also have TCM herbal approaches that do the same things. Reach out to us if you need help figuring out what you need: Book a Consultation today.

This protocol is great for you if you need help with a combined approach supporting Th1 and innate immune responses, as well as Th2 modulation. It supports people who have challenges related to the following issues with the immune system and who need support with the immune system related to:

  • Altered immune surveillance - this is the immune system's ability to recognize and eliminate harmful pathogens (e.g., viral and bacterial infections), and also includes cancer immunoediting.

  • Hollow-space immunity - The presence of dysfunction in any hollow space (lungs, sinuses, GI tract, vaginal tract, bladder) including but not limited to asthma, sinusitis, environmental allergies, food sensitivities, or any mast cell / histamine-related disorder or eosinophilic GI disorder strongly suggests Th2 dominance and the utility of dampening excessive Th2 response. If you have constant lung, sinus, gut, yeast, and or bladder infections, you need this protocol.

  • Self-tissue response - The immune system plays a central role in protecting and maintaining homeostasis in the body by distinguishing between self (your cells) and non-self (pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc.). The robustness of this process depends on the appropriate activation of T helper cell types, as well as balanced cytokine expression. The relevance of the immune system goes far beyond natural defenses. Immunology is at the root of many common clinical objectives, including: Tolerance of self-tissue, Digestive health, Cytokine balance, Brain function, mood and cognition, Joint function, Glucose homeostasis, Sinus and respiratory health, and Cardiovascular function.

  • Mucosal tolerance - Mucosal tolerance has classically been defined as the specific suppression of cellular and/or humoral immune responses to an antigen by prior administration of the antigen by the mucosal (oral and nasal) route. The intestines, nasal cavities, and respiratory tract comprise the major mucosal surfaces of the body. Thus, mucosal tolerance is a form of peripheral tolerance that evolved to treat external agents that gain access to the body through a natural route as internal components that then become part of the self. The mucosal barriers are very sensitive to pathogenic infection thereby assuming the capacity of the mucosal immune system to induce protective immunity to harmful antigens and tolerance against harmless materials. The gut microbiota lives in tight symbiosis and homeostasis with the host and plays an essential role in harvesting energy, minerals, and bioactive compounds from the food. The intestinal microbiota exists in reciprocal balance with the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), the largest immune system in the body. Gut microorganisms are the major source of natural antigens that continuously stimulate the GALT and induce mucosal immune tolerance.

If you need help determining what supplements you need. Reach out to us and book a Visit where we can support you in developing a personalized plan just for you.

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1 Comment

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
Dec 25, 2022

What a great collection of healthy options . I am impressed with the science and depth behind your advice.

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