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...The Fountain of Vitality 

Improving your lean muscle mass to fat mass ratio and reducing belly fat are key to losing weight swiftly and keeping it off as well as key for reducing overall health risks in general. 

Belly fat is biologically active. It pumps out hormones and other substances, and it may increase your risk of metabolic problems like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and maybe even cancer. 

Muscle is the opposite of fat.  It is metabolically active in ways that counteract visceral fat—extracting glucose from your blood, helping your liver process fatty acids, and reducing inflammation and powering a healthier metabolism.   

What to Do Daily to Lose Weight and Keep it off - 

  • Strength training may be one of the best exercises for specifically trimming your gut and supporting long term weight loss

  • Keep your calorie consumption confined to an earlier eating window translates into less weight gain than eating  later in the day. This is why breakfast is Key!

  • Improve your microbiome.  This is the ecosystem of gut bacteria that break down food and produce chemicals that help prevent obesity, most likely by reducing inflammation.  They also help produce B vitamins that support energy production.


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Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball

Abdominal Workouts in 20 Minutes or Less

Image by Jonathan Borba

The Pilates 100

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Pilates Criss Cross - Proper Technique

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Mad Fit's Beginners Ab Workout

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Britnne Babe's Ab Workout

Image by madison lavern

Back Workouts to Balance Strong Abs

Image by mr lee

Stretching and Flexibility 

Image by Avi Richards


Image by Valeriia Bugaiova
Image by Esther Driehaus
Image by kike vega

Whole Body Cardio

Crossfit Exercise

Arms, Legs, Butt

Image by Anupam Mahapatra
Image by Luis Quintero
Image by Tyler Nix
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