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Weight Management

Breathing for Weight Loss
Senobi Stretch Breathing

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     Studies have shown that in overweight patients, the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of the involuntary nervous system known for rest and digestion, slowing the heart rate, increasing intestinal and glandular activity and relaxing the sphincter muscles) has abnormalities in addition to weakened hormone secretion (Sato et al, 2007).

     Essentially, being overweight slows down metabolic activity, reducing our ability to regulate our heart rate, digest food and eliminate waste. 


Read More and Learn how to do Senobi Breathing in 4 Steps.  


Have you tried BNH's 6 Spice - Anti-inflammatory Tea? Reducing inflammation is another key component in weight loss support.

Weight Loss for Transplant
Chillum DC - May 2019

Orientation  Call #1 (5/6/19)

Listen to the Orientation Video to familiarize yourself with the 4 week weight loss group calendar and supplement information along with a sample meal plan.   All will support you during the 4 week weight loss program "Weight Loss For Transplant - May 2019" .  

Listen to the Video to Hear a Quick Review of the 10 Tips to support you during the 4 week weight loss program "Weight Loss For Transplant - May 2019" 

First Check In -  Call #2   (5/9/19)

Listen to the video where we discuss tips to help with successful weight loss.

  • Reminder about Grocery Store Tour this Monday, May 13, 2019 from 3-4pm

  • Using 3 health supportive inputs

    • Green Powder Vegetables​

    • 6 Spice Anti-inflammatory Tea

    • Bone Broth

  • How to maintain good glycemic control​​

  • Drinking Water

  • Preparing Meals

  • Adequate Sleep

Listen to the video. We we discuss the Lifestyle Tracker to help with successful weight loss. 


Also be sure to follow up with your Nephrologist and Dietitian to make sure you are on DIALYVITE 3000 Rx as your vitamin and that your Potassium is monitored weekly or every 2 weeks to ensure adequate levels throughout the 4 week program. 

Natural Herbs
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