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Tea Kit Weight Loss Program

Sip Yourself Slim This Summer

This Program is a Simple and Easy Way to

  • Recharge Your Metabolism,

  • Curb Your Cravings,

  • Lose Fat and Build Muscle

by Sipping Your Daily SLIM SLIM Tea

This is our BNH Wellness Organic Herbal Blend Tea with Key

Nutrients that help with weight loss.

It is coupled with meal plans, recipes, and 20 minutes of daily exercise designed to get you a more defined, flexible, and strong body in 30 days.

Best of All

We are offering this program FREE

for a limited time

for the first 10 people

who sign up.

Slim Slim Tea.

Not only do the key ingredients in this tea support weight loss by being a thermogenic booster but they also:

  • Improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients, important for reducing belly bloat and distention

  • Reduce inflammation, key for overall health and wellness. This allows the body to use proteins for tissue repair instead of making inflammatory proteins.

  • Improve circulation so every tissue in your body can get all of the wonderful nutrients you feed it. What good is eating healthy and well when you can't circulate the nutrients to every cell. A healthy cell means you have a healthy organ, healthy organs mean a healthy person.

  • Train immune cells to become T-Regulatory cells that modulate immunity, so your body naturally knows when to rev up for protection but also stop over-revving, triggering autoimmunity.

  • Stimulate the migrating motor complex that brushes out old debris and unhealthy microbes from the digestive tract. This is the KEY piece that gets rid of the big belly and bloating from bacterial overgrowths that then drive inflammation, poor digestion, autoimmunity, and so many more chronic conditions. This was a key piece for me overcoming my health issues. Learn about my 6 Spice story.

  • Improves the gut microbiome. This is the game-changer for keeping weight off once you lose it.

The evidence continues to grow about how improving the gut microbiome is a major source of weight loss success, meaning it is key to not only losing weight but really the missing piece in keeping it off.

Also, having the wrong balance of gut bugs can do the opposite for weight loss.

In addition, studies have shown that supplementation with probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics may alter the secretion of hormones, neurotransmitters, and inflammatory factors, thus preventing food intake triggers that lead to weight gain (learn more)

Coupling this SLIM SLIM tea with an easy to follow sensible meal plan (which this program does) that maximizes macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates in strategic proportions with specific types of exercises is the winning combination that builds muscle and burns fat efficiently, allowing you to get the beautiful summer physique you deserve but more importantly KEEP this physic into the winter and beyond!

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