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Wellness for Dancers & Athletes

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Book a

Dancer Wellness Presentation

for your School or Company


Are you or your dancer's struggling with:

  • body weight

  • stress fractures

  • frequent injuries

  • reduced stamina

  • ongoing pain between classes or performances

If you answered yes to any or all of these, this presentation is for you.  Learn, information you won’t hear from your doctor about achieving optimal weight, improving energy and stamina and reducing injuries, aches and pains. 


This program provides a hands on interactive "Scripted Play: Healthy Dancing Bones"  where dancers act out the parts of whole foods, minerals, vitamins and more to get a comprehensive education on the physiology and biochemistry of how nutrients work in the body to support healthy bones and tissue repair to reduce injury.  This interactive play provides a clear and FUN illustration of the importance of eating adequate amounts of whole foods daily.

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Check out these newsletters / educational materials I created for Kirov Academy of Ballet DC when I served as their Wellness Nutritionist.


Let Our Nutritionist Create a Newsletter Series Just for Your School, featuring wellness issues important to you. 

Contact Njeri Kai Jarvis to learn more or 202-390-4938

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the aching feeling that sets in after 12 – 24 hours of dancing. The aching feeling is a side effect of the repair process. As your body heals, microscopic muscle-fiber tears.

Learn 8 Tips to Help Support your recovery.

Check out our 6 Spice Anti-Inflammatory Tea. It is a perfect support for relieving DOMS.

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Natural Herbs
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